New application call for young people is now open!

Nomotehnical Center is inviting you to take part in the project of our Journal New educational scientific thought Vas 4/2015, and also offers you an opportunity to publish your first independent book.

Our way to support your publication aims at encouraging you to research and publish papers, and our publishing model wishes to represent you as an independent author.

Everyone who send the manuscript for publishing will get an opportunity to become expert associates of the Nomotehnical Center Belgrade.

Our new membership model offers a possibility to everyone who want to join our work and activities.

If you are interested to publish and expert or scientific paper we invite you to apply for the new edition of our Journal 4/2015.

Competition text:

New educational scientific thought under a motto “Innovation…that’s it!”, represents a Journal of papers of Bachelor, Masters and PhD students students of all accredited universities in Serbia and Europe, including also researchers who are either employed or unemployed.

The goal of our Journals is to gather scientific papers which represent innovation in science and a new scientific thought. We are in a search for creative themes, and the only condition is that they are related to innovation solutions for local issues in some of the following areas: social sciences (economy, law, political sciences, philosophy, marketing etc.) and culture.

Also, if you have a different topic you wish to publish, our Directive board invites you to send and present it to us and we will let you know if we are able to publish it as soon as possible.

Our associates can also help you regarding English translation.


By this date you must request an Application form and send us an Abstract (up to 250 words, in the Application from) within the same period of time.

Complete papers should be sent by January 10th 2016.

For all details and information regarding the process of publishing contact us at:


Nomotehnical Center Belgrade invites you to take part in our Project My Handmade Book, and through our new membership models and the help of expert associates, publish your first independent book.

If you have a diploma paper, Masters or PhD dissertation, and you have not had the opportunity to publish as a book, contact us and our expert team will advise and support you through the process.

More info at: