Interesting peculiarities of administrative procedure

The Law on general administrative procedure in our region is applied since 1931 when the Austrian law on general administrative procedure from 1926 was adopted.

The Yugoslavian Kingdom was the second country in Europe to apply the Austrian law on administration procedure, and through it we accepted the Austrian concept of administrative procedure.

This Law was taken over by former SFRJ as its federal law, and after its disintegration, this law was taken over the Republic as its independent law on general administration procedure.

This shows the quality of this legal text, which after necessary terminological corrections due to change of the political and state system, still remained until today in the same technical and procedural sense. Even though in its range it became almost double in size compared to its source form it still has its undisputed value.

Even today, there is an ever-present attitude among those applying the Law of general administration procedure that the current Law is good and that it still needs to be expanded and upgraded in terms of modern society and new procedures that can strengthen the consistency in application of the existing, basic principles.

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Translated into English by Ljubica Drača, MSc.