“BE INNOVATIVE, CREATE TRAFFIC SAFETY” PROJECT CONFERENCE realized with the assistance of the Department of traffic

A big thank you to the Management of the city of Belgrade and to the Department of traffic which helped the realization of this Project.

Also, we thank the Office of Youth for administrative association cooperation of the city of Belgrade which helped the realization of the Conference since the beginning of this year, to PhD Siniša Zarić for holding a presentation on this topic, to Mr Ivan Josimović, head of Youth Office for administrative association cooperation , and Mr Aleksandar Ilić, to spokesman of the Court of appeals who offerd us open and useful advice and practical examples, to PhD Aleksandra Brakus for holding a lecture, to  Bogdan Urošević for presenting his essay, to Jana Dimitrijević for presenting her essay, as well as our youngest participants from Belgrade and Kaluđerica primary schools “Jelena Ćetković” (the best video) and “Miloje Vasić” (main winning video). A final thank you to our team member Slobodan Petrović for his support and promotion. Thank you to all the other associates who supported us, and see you tomorrow! A special thank you to the Media Center Belgrade for an excellent organization of the Conference. And finally, the greatest thank you to Radio Legend for following our event.

An introduction from our official publication – why essays of the youth?

“Through this Project young high-educated young people had the opportunity to deliver their expert papers with the main goal of further research in traffic safety. Also, they had the possibility to contribute to development of new ideas and reach new innovative suggestions and solutions through their research. It is of extreme importance to encourage professional and scientific public to research the field of traffic safety, especially within the frame of social innovation models of Europe 2020 and Horizon 2020 which enable turning an idea into a final product. At the same time, each of the essays represents a potential new project. Since we promote social innovation, we wanted to motivate and support this kind of research, since it can serve as a starting point for pointing out all the problems in our society and the possible solutions of such problems.”

All the photographs are available at our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1104035436280134.1073741846.463860373630980&type=3