Announcing the winner of our competition: “What does traffic safety mean for you?” within the Project financed by the city of Belgrade and Department of traffic

Within the Project “Be innovative – create traffic safety” in Media center, Belgrade, a Conference on traffic safety is being held between 29th and 30th April, from 10am to 4pm. As part of the Project encompassed video messages of youth answer “What does traffic safety mean for you?”, the Conference organizers as well as the audience chose the best one among 56 participants.

Two runner-ups were from the primary school “Jelena Ćetković” from Belgrade, and another primary school “Miloje Vasić” from Kaluđerica, whose teachers and students created video messages specifically for this Project.

The Conference participants in Media center first welcomed the students from “Miloje Vasić” and later from “Jelena Ćetković”, and then both messages were reviewed.

After the messages were reviewed, Aleksandar Ilić, Spokesman of the court of appeals, held a speech on promoting the importance of children’s participation I n traffic and their education and protection.

Nomotehnical center Belgrade, prepared sweet presents for the students who participated in the video messages. Only a small advantage determined the winner of the competition, so the best video award was given to the primary school “Jelena Ćetković from Belgrade while the absolute winner of the Conference was primary school “Miloje Vasić” from Kaluđerica!

After the winner announcement and giving away gifts, official photos were made and new cooperation in future projects was discussed with both schools.

You can see the winning video here: Pobednički video